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Grenada 2' x 3' Indoor Polyester Flag

Used since 1974, the national flag of Grenada is bordered with a thick red frame containing 6 yellow stars that stand for the country's six parishes. The central star, encircled by a red disk, represents Saint George, Grenada's capital. The strange little symbol on the left is a nutmeg, one of Grenada's staples. As far as the flag's colors are concerned; red stands for courage and vitality; yellow for wisdom and warmth; and green for vegetation and agriculture.

Our premium 2' x 3' Polyester Grenada indoor flags are made of all-weather polyester with header tape and 2 metal grommets. The flag is dye-sublimated with beautiful bold colors. Printed on one side all the way through the fabric. Double-stitched around all edges with 4 rows of stitching on fly edge. These flags can be used outside for a limited time.

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