What are your operating hours?
Our operating and shipping hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm e.s.t.  But, we do our best for unique situations and rushed orders. Please feel free to email us your specific needs and exact time-frames for rushed orders or events coming up at sales@1-800flags.com.
What size flag should I buy for my flagpole?
The proper flag size is determined by the flagpole type you will be using (ground mount, building mount, home mount, or other). Other things to take into consideration: flagpole height, geographic region and number of flags you wish to display. 
When one flag is displayed, the horizontal length of the flag should be approximately 1-4 the height of the pole. This guideline applies to commercially manufactured ground set flagpoles 20 feet and taller. Also, when multiple flags are displayed, the second flag is normally one size smaller than the main flag. (See flagpole chart below).
Flags to use with residential flagpoles:
Flag size 3'x5' is the most popular flag size to display. A 3'x5' is an appropriate size to display with a pole and mounting bracket on your home or with a ground flagpole between 18- 20 feet tall. 
Recommended flag size is determined by the flagpole height:
  • 20' pole: 3'x5'
  • 25' pole: 4'x6'
  • 30' pole: 5'x8'
  • 35' pole: 5'x8'
  • 40' pole: 6'x10'
  • 45' pole: 6'x10'
  • 50' pole: 8'x12'
  • 60' pole: 10'x15'
  • 70' pole: 12'x18'
  • 80' pole: 15'x25'
What is meant by a single/reverse or single sided flag?
Flags that come in single reverse are read correctly on one side and read reverse on the other.  The color bleeds through to the other side and allows it to show up on the opposite side.  People don't ever have a problem reading these flags and are great because they keep the cost down.   
How long will my flag last?
All of our American, Military, and State Flags come with a one-year ColorFast guarantee against fading. 
Please keep in mind that there are many variations to take into consideration.  The life expectancy of a flag will depend on the elements that it is exposed to. Regardless of fabric type and construction features, flags sooner or later will succumb to the elements. Sun, rain, wind, ice, and snow all weaken flag fabrics and threads.
Tips to make your flag last longer:
  • Occasionally wash your flag in warm detergent water will prevent pollutants and dirt from weakening the fabric
  • Always let your flag dry thoroughly before storing it to prevent mildew or color transfer
  • At the first sign of fraying, you can trim and re-hem the flag, which will help it last longer
  • Always keep your flagpole as clean as possible
  • Move your pole if your flag doesn't have adequate room to fly unobstructed
  • If it is an extremely windy day (20 mph+), or heavy rain or snow, take the flag in
  • Take extra precautions during the winter
How do I know which flag material to select?
There are several materials to choose from when purchasing a flag and a few variables that determine a flags quality, durability, and price. Materials used for flags are designed based on a flag's specific use, flying habits and climate. Flags vary in thickness, weave and weight.
The best material for extreme weather is a 2-ply polyester. The open weave construction reduces wind resistance, increasing flag life.  2-ply 100% polyester bunting is extremely durable and ideal for commercial applications and high wind areas. 
Our most popular and best waving flags are our nylon flags, crafted using 100% heavyweight 200-denier nylon bunting. Nylon material is fast drying, treated to resist fading and flies in the slightest breeze. 
Our lightweight polyester flags are ideal for indoor use and can be used outdoors for short term. Colors may vary slightly and have a thinner, sometimes transparent look.  At times, ironing on low heat might be needed for a better display. We find our lightweight polyester very popular for church displays, schools, festivals, graduations and other events. 
If you are unsure, please email us here: sales@1-800flags.com or call us directly at 585-385-5850. We are ready and able to answer all of your flag questions!
Are the United States and Military Flags Made In The USA?
Yes, all of our American and Military Flags are Made in the USA, and are FMAA Certified (Annin and Eder Flagmakers are both founding members of the Flag Manufacturers Association of America that proudly ensures that American flags are "Certified Made In The USA" with US raw materials, in US facilities, with US labor. 
Where are you located?
We are headquartered in Upstate, New York. 
Where can I dispose of my American Flag?

The United States Flag Code, Title 4, Section 8k states-“The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem of display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning.”

Flag Retirement is the term used to define the proper, dignified way of destroying United States flags that are no longer fit to serve the nation.
Who can retire the American Flag?

Anyone. The U.S. Flag Code does not specify any one person or organization that is authorized for retiring American Flags. An official flag retirement ceremony is not required however the disposal should be private, dignified, and solemn.

We realize that burning may not always be an option and some burned American Flag materials are not good for the environment. Listed below are a few other options when it comes to properly retiring an American Flag:

1. Contact your local VFW post, Elks Lodge, American Legion post or similar group. Some villages have a collection bin. You can check with your local town hall. 

These organizations are often familiar with flag retirement protocol and will take your flag and ensure that it is disposed of properly.

2. Send to the Stars for our Troops program.

The Stars for our Troops program takes your old, tattered and worn out American Flags and turns them into a prized possession for an American Soldier at home, on base or overseas. Volunteers lovingly cut each embroidered star from the flag, dispose of the stripes properly, and place each star into a tiny plastic bag with a card.

"I am part of our American flag that has flown over the U.S.A. I can no longer fly. The sun and winds have caused me to become tattered and torn. Please carry me as a reminder that you are not forgotten"

The program does not accept printed flags, only embroidered, and the flags must be Made in the USA and must be size 3 foot x 5 foot.

If you'd like to contribute your retired flag to the Stars for Our Troops program, please send your flag to the following address:

Stars for Our Troops, Inc.
2 116th St, Box 301
Troy, NY 12182-0301

*Please note if you are interested in donating your old 3X5 foot flag to Stars For Our Troops, we will also email and pre-paid mailing label for your convenience.

Can I fly my flag at night?
According to the US Flag Code, all American Flags should be displayed from sunrise to sunset every day. Lowering the flag at night is an ultimate sign of respect for Old Glory. However, you can keep your flag flying 24 hours if it is properly illuminated during all hours of darkness.
What is the difference between international polyester flags and nylon flags?
1-800 Flags international polyester flags are very popular among churches, schools, and businesses for indoor use. These flags are often hung in hallways, cafeterias, warehouses, inside vestibules and sanctuaries. Polyester flags are imported, so they are considered more budget friendly. Although polyester flags can be used outdoors for an event or a limited time, for long-term display we do recommend purchasing nylon flags.
Polyester country flags are printed on one side and bleed all the way through the fabric. This means, you can see the image on either side. Since these polyester world flags are imported the colors can be slightly off. For an exact color match, please purchase the nylon flags.
Nylon flags are Made in the USA. Nylon flags are made to the official United Nations design specifications, making sure that each flag printed is the exact country color. International and US nylon flags are durable and fast drying. The flags are 100% heavyweight Solarguard nylon, helping preserve the colors and protect the flags from the sun. Nylon flags can be displayed with grommets on the lefthand side or a pole-sleeve. These nylon flags are ideal for outdoor displaying. They are treated with UV protection to prevent fading and the stitching i high-quality making them very durable against elements.
You can shop our International nylon and polyester flags here.
How do I know what size flag I need
Here is an image to reference the different size flags. We carry all 193 countries in the United Nations, plus others! We have a variety of sizes. The flag image below helps give a reference. The 4X6inch and 12X18inch flags came on a stick of "staff". Every size up from there includes two metal grommets on the left hand side for displaying.
Free shipping on all orders, excludes flagpoles. Use FREESHIP in the discount section at checkout. Standard USPS first class shipping 1-5 days + handling time.



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