Flag Care Instruction

Top Tips For Extending The Life of Your Flags

How to remove wrinkles from your polyester and nylon flags? You can use a COOL iron to help remove the wrinkles.

Top Tips:

1. Make sure your iron has water in it

2. Make sure the iron is on the lowest setting

3. Move the iron back and forth slowly with medium pressure

4. Hang flag to let it cool.

For the polyester flags - you can use a clothing steamer. Hang the flag and apply a light quick steam to the wrinkles until they flatten out. Let the flag fully dry before putting away.

How do I wash my nylon flags? Nylon flags can be hand-washed or machine-washed on delicate with cool water and a mild detergent. To dry the flag, it can be hung or placed flat on a safe, clean surface. Remember to not fold the flag or put away damp. The colors may run or the flag could become moldy.

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