Bangladesh 4" x 6" Mounted Country Flags

Known for the red circle being offset so that it appears centered when flying on a mast, the Bangladesh flag represents the lushness of the country (the green), as well as the blood of those who died for independence (the red). The red disc also represents the rising Bengal sun.

Our 4" x 6" Bangladesh Miniature Flags are made of an extremely durable silk-like material and are mounted on a 10.5" black plastic staff with a gilt spearhead. Each flag is individually sewn around the edges. These are perfect for decorating or for waving in a parade to show your national pride.

Flags are great for decorating with or waving in a parade to show your national pride! Flags capture attention and draw people in. The movement of flags gets noticed. Flags are a great addition to churches, schools, classrooms and businesses. 1-800 Flags carries a variety of flags, flag sizes, and materials. Please contact us or 585-385-5850 for more information, we are happy to answer any questions and help guide you in your flag purchase.