What is the difference between polyester and nylon flags?

November 09, 2023

International polyester flags verse nylon flags

What is the difference between polyester flags and nylon flags?

1-800 Flags international polyester flags are very popular among churches, schools, and businesses for indoor use.   These flags are often hung in hallways, cafeterias, warehouses, inside vestibules and sanctuaries. Polyester flags are imported, so they are considered more budget friendly.  Although polyester flags can be used outdoors for an event or a limited time, for long-term display we do recommend purchasing nylon flags.

Polyester country flags are printed on one side and bleed all the way through the fabric. This means, you can see the image on either side.  Since these polyester world flags are imported the colors can be slightly off. For an exact color match, please purchase the nylon flags. 

Nylon flags are Made in the USA.  Nylon flags are made to the official United Nations design specifications, making sure that each flag printed is the exact country color.  International and US nylon flags are durable and fast drying.   The flags are 100% heavyweight Solarguard nylon, helping preserve the colors and protect the flags from the sun.  Nylon flags can be displayed with grommets on the lefthand side or a pole-sleeve. These nylon flags are ideal for outdoor displaying. They are treated with UV protection to prevent fading and the stitching i high-quality making them very durable against elements.

You can shop our International nylon and polyester flags here. 

We carry all 193 countries in the United Nations, plus others! We have a variety of sizes. The flag image below helps give a reference. The 4X6inch and 12X18inch flags came on a stick of "staff". Every size up from there includes two metal grommets on the left hand side for displaying.

Different flag sizes

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