Select Your Flag Type

January 26, 2022

Select Your Flag Type

Want to know which type of flag is best for your needs? Read below to see the main differences between two of the most common flag finishes; a pole sleeve, often called "banner style flag" or flag with grommets.


When buying your first American Flag, all of the different finishes, styles, and flag makers can be overwhelming! One of the first things to decide is how your flag will be used. Are you going to be using it indoor or outdoor? Narrowing this down, can help you pick your flag finish. 

Header and Grommet Style Flag:

American flag with grommet finishThis type of flag has metal rings called grommets on the heading section of the flag. The header is the material placed on the pole side of the flag. The rings or grommets are what attaches to the flag pole. See the photo here, zoomed in on a brass grommet. 









Pole Sleeve Finish:

 A banner style flag has a pole sleeve that enables the flag pole to slide through the sleeve of the flag. Many times there is a choice of velcro or leather tabs that attach and secure the flag to the pole. 

Oftentimes you will see the word "pole hem" and this is referring to the fabric used to create the sleeve. The pole hem is usually white or the same color of the flag continued. Here's an example on an American Flag here

 Some other fun facts to consider:

  • Pole sleeve flags are usually used in courtrooms, school auditoriums, and often have gold fringe as a boarder. See here

Are you still not sure, what flag is best for your needs? Give us a call 1-800-210-5330 or send us a note, here!



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