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Eder Flag Manufacturing Company

The World Flag High Quality Outdoor 3' x 5'


The original World Flag was created in 1988 by Paul Carroll to raise awareness and funding in support of education, global health, human rights and the environment. The World Flag includes 216 different flags including all 192 UN Members and the UN Flag. The remaining flags are all territories dependent on a larger country. These flags are made from a heavy weight nylon that has a special treatment that will reduce sun and chemical deterioration and are finished with strong canvas headings and large brass grommets.

The World Flag was created as a Visual Catalyst. It fly(s) as a unifying symbol inspiring positive global change while continuing to embrace and celebrate cultural diversity. 

The debut of The Flag was at a Prayer for World Peace event at the United Nations headquarters in NYC. The Flag was displayed at many other venues including:

  • The World Trade Center in NYC - Tower 1 Plaza
  • Earth Day Central Park, NYC
  • School Assemblies
  • Concerts ( Richie Havens, Ziggy Marley, Blues Traveler, B 52’s, Burning Spear)
  • Environmental and Cultural Events
  • Tower Records - Friends of Broadway in NYC
  • Liberty State Park Cultural Events, Jersey City, NJ
  • Arrowhead Ranch Musical Events, NY
  • Wetlands Preserve Flag Day, NYC
  • The Alliance for Environmental Education Conference, Washington D.C.
  • Up, Up, and Away Hot Air Balloon Festival, Pa

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