Eder 20 Foot Homesteader Flagpole Set With American U.S. 3 Foot x 5 Foot Flag

Look no further! This is our most popular flagpole set for homeowners. Made by Eder Flag this all aluminum ground set flagpole has a 20 foot exposed height. The silver anodized, seamless aluminum tubing sections wedge together providing a smoot exterior finish.

Included In Flagpole Set:

  • A gold anodized aluminum ball ornament
  • A cast aluminum truck with pulley
  • A solid braided polypropylene halyard
  • 2 nylon flag snaps
  • A cast nylon rope cleat
  • Heavy duty ground sleeve
  • 3 x 5 Nylon U.S. flag with embroidered stars and sewn stripes

Proudly made in the USA by Eder Flag with domestic materials and labor. Eder Flag is a century-old, employee-owned company with a commitment to craftsmanship, quality and durability. Certified FMAA.